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Making The Most of Windows Open House - Flexible Window Production with Martin, Whitehill & Vertongen

On November 21st & 22nd we will be holding a two day OPEN HOUSE Window Event.

We will again be demonstrating the production of the Whitehill HP Flush Window System on the Martin T27 Spindle Moulder and Vertogen Pentho C3 Tenoner. 
We will show you, in detail the ease of production with zero set tools on sleeves with the Martin, and large diameter tools for scribing on the Vertongen 

We will be demonstrating the state of the art CNC Martin T27 Spindle and Vertongen Compact 3 Tenoner Machines. These machines are fitted with Whitehills Window Tooling System, demonstrating the ease of manufacturing Windows. The speed of production and accuaracy needs to be seen to be believed -  We were doing 3 tool changes and setups to produce a cill extension in under 4 minutes. How long does that take with tradional machines? How much time could you be saving?

Our dedicated team will be demonstrating the manufacture of windows using Martin & Vertongen. We already have a lot of interest from our customers wishing to attend - SO BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW. Call 01403 273000 or fill in the form for further details.

We will be running 3 demonstarions on each day at 10am, Mid Day & 2pm. Please let us know which day and which session you would like to attend.

In our June window open house at Whitehill over 50 people attended along with the manufacturers - it was an excellent exchange of ideas and new ways to produce windows & doors for all those who visited.