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Bruhwiler have been manufacturing carpentry machines and gauges for professional timber construction for over 20 years in Switzerland. They are used and greatly appreciated by carpenters and joiners for timber frame construction. They have been designed in close cooperation with users which has made a significant contribution to the development of the machines and marking gauges. Bruehwiler only use the best materials for our products and rely on a modern and quality-conscious processing method. The hard-chromed guide shafts, the SKF ball bearings and the Suhner industrial motors are just some of the features that characterise our machines. Due to the modern and precise manufacture of our machines, they meet the highest quality requirements. Bruhwiler machines are used all over the world, even in North America and Canada under the brand name "Swiss Pro".
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  1. Bruhwiler Angle Drilling Jig SBL 100
    • Drilling range: 10 - 25 mm
    • Angle: 2 x 45 degrees
    • Clamping range: up to 70 mm
    Lead Time: 16 Days
    List €516.94
    Inc Vat €444.11
  2. Bruhwiler BSF175 Portable Beam Slotter
    • Slot Depth : 175mm
    • Slot width: 7mm or 11mm (chain set sold seperately)
    • Motor 230V 1400W
    Lead Time: 18 Days
  3. Bruhwiler Horizontal Slotter SG503 for CLT Panels
    • Slot depth 470mm
    • Slot width 6-17mm
    • Motor 230V 2500W
    Lead Time: 18 Days
    List €7,828.30
    Inc Vat €7,132.86
  4. Bruhwiler KSH Chain Mortiser 28x40x100mm
    The Bruhwiler KSH 100 Portable Chain Mortiser is the perfect companion for any site work. Complete with chain set It's high qualit...
    Lead Time: 16 Days
  5. Bruhwiler KSH Chain Mortiser 28x40x150mm
    • Mortise depth 150mm
    • Ramming width: 40mm
    • Motor 230V, 1400W
    Lead Time: 18 Days
  6. Bruhwiler KSM125 Multi Function Door Lock Mortiser
    • Mortising depth: 125mm
    • Slot Width: 14 - 16mm
    • Motor 230v 1400W
    Lead Time: 16 Days
  7. Bruhwiler KSM125 Quick Adjustment Device for KSM12
    this quick adjustment device makes it easier to cut longer slots when mortising for door locks.
    Lead Time: 16 Days
  8. Bruhwiler KSP103 Swiss Pro ChainMortiser 28x40x100
    • Mortising depth 100mm
    • Ramming width 30mm
    • Motor: 230V 1200W
    Lead Time: 18 Days
  9. Bruhwiler KSP153 Swiss Pro ChainMortiser 28x40x150
    • Mortising depth 150mm
    • Ramming width 28mm
    • Motor: 230V 1200W
    Lead Time: 16 Days
  10. Bruhwiler Staircase Milling Jig TFL70 for Router
    • Milling area: 3-70mm
    • Milling path length: 750mm
    • Weight: 9.0kg
    Lead Time: 16 Days
    List €1,312.33
    Inc Vat €1,128.12
  11. Bruhwiler Swiss Pro Chain Slot Cutter KSF403
    • Slot depth 300mm
    • Slot Width 6-17mm
    • Motor 230V 2.5Kw
    Lead Time: 16 Days
  12. Carpentry Angle Marking Gauge with Preset Angles
    This is an incredibly useful tool for site or workshop carpentry. It will speed up your timber frame joints whether you are markin...
    Lead Time: 16 Days
    List €249.90
    Inc Vat €242.76
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