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Filters for Dust Extractors

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We can manufacturer all types of textile filters for industrial applications. Our team of specialist have a wealth of experience in the filtration industry stretching back over 50 years. It has global reach, manufacturing and export capabilities, exporting to over 20 countries worldwide.
Dust Extraction Multipocket Bag Filters - replacement dust extraction multipocket filter bags for shaker type dust collectors such as DCE Unimaster, Airmaster, DEI, ECS, Filtex, Dustair, Spencer Halstead, Mardon and many more.
Dust Extraction Filter Sleeves - dust extraction filter sleeves for pulse jet, reverse air & shaker type dust collectors such as DCE Dalamatic, Nederman/Airmaster M/RJX, MikroPul, Scheuch, Intensiv, Luhr, Tilghman, Heaton Green, and many more.
Wood Dust Filter Bags - dust extraction filter bags for single and multiple bag extraction systems for wood waste extractors.
Needlefelts High-tech textiles such as needlefelts are used in the construction of filter bags, including anti-static versions to eliminate static charges that can build up in the dust stream. Polyester, Polypropylene and Acrylic needlefelt for ambient temperatures and Aramid, Polyimide, PPS and PTFE for high temperature applications. Special hydrophobic coatings and ePTFE membranes can be added to aid dust release in moist, sticky conditions and to reduce emissions.

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  1. 5 micron filter for FT-1000/FT-1600
    Spare filter for iTECH FT-1000/1600 Downdraft Table and the Axminster FT 1600 Downdraft Table Dimensions 395 x 495 x 24mm yo...
    In Stock
  2. Fine Cartridge Filter for Dust Extractor D-500mm
    Fine Filter Dust Cartridge is suitable for many popular mobile extractors. Used in place of a cloth bag to give finer filtration a...
    In Stock
    List €227.80
    Inc Vat €207.08
  3. iTECH Waste + Dust Pipe Sucker
    iTECH Pipe Sucker - this handy add on attachment is a perfect tool for any workshop extraction system, simply plug it in and getti...
    Lead Time: 200 Days
  4. Paint Stop Fibre Filter for Spray 1 x 20m
    Profibre is the most common and widely used form of fibre glass filter. This green & white fibre is used in many areas both as a p...
    In Stock
  5. Premium Paper Filter for Spray Booth 900mmx9.2m
    This is a premium high quality expandable spray booth filter, designed for optimum filtration and air flow. Any wet paint, powder...
    In Stock
  6. ProCart Paper Filter for Spray Booth 900mm x 9.2m
    • DEPTH: 55mm
    • PRESSURE DROP: 13 PA at 0.5 m/s
    In Stock
    List €60.74
    Inc Vat €55.22
    As low as €42.52
  7. XL Fine Cartridge Filter for Dust Extractor D-500
    Fine Filter Dust Cartridge Air is suitable to upgrade many popular mobile extractors AND larger units due to its increased length ...
    Lead Time: 13 Days
    List €331.33
    Inc Vat €289.92
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